July 21th to 28th 2019

For teens and parents 

Ages: 12 to 16th

Subsistence, raw nature, bonding, initiation, gourmet food, endless adventure, fire, starry nights, communication.



The Adventure


Your journey begins in the beautiful and historic town of Sitka, Alaska. A shuttle will pick you up from the airport and take you to the best hotel in town, where you will be able to settle in and relax after a long day of travel. 

The next morning we will take you to run any final errands to local markets before boarding the boat and setting off into the Wild. The wondrous scenery of southeast Alaska’s waterways will dazzle you on the way to our secluded island camp, deep in the wilderness.

Upon reaching our destination, you will be received by the Wild Immersion subsistence campsite, fully-equipped with: a campfire burning, cozy canvas bell tents, an open air outhouse toilet, camping and safety equipment, kayaks, fishing gear, and even a sailboat at anchor; all to make your experience absolutely exciting, safe and comfortable.

For the next 5 days, we will connect to our primitive selves in this mind-freeing, self-sustained, nature immersion experience. Visiting lakes, mountaintops, muskegs and awe- inspiring beaches will keep you connected to source while enjoying daily activities such as kayaking, swimming and hiking.

WSH in alliance with Wild Immersion will provide you and your son/daughter with  intimate and unforgettable, soul-changing life experience, connecting you to the raw beauty and immensity of the wilderness of Southeastern Alaska and of  your relationship.

The food we harvest will be prepared on the spot in 3 daily delicious-gourmet meals, complemented by stocked goods brought to the campsite from town.

This breathtaking adventure is designed to keep you engaged and entertained with various relaxing activities such as fire circles, story-telling, games, live acoustic music entertainment and a well-earned spa day featuring fire-heated creek water in the privacy of the enchanting forest.

After this unique experience, you will return by boat to the town of Sitka, where a fine hotel room awaits your wild, new persona. 



Price per person



See what’s included below

Ages: 12 to 16th

10 pax maximun! 

By application only!


Please fill the questionnaire and we will contact you back very soon.

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- 7 day trip to Sitka Alaska
- Travel Insurance
- Fishing License
- Shuttle service to and from the Airport
- 2 nights in Sitka Hotel (double occupancy per room)
- Boat-Taxi to the Virgin Island
- An amazing base camp (village style) made by Bradley Farmer
including: main camp structure, crispy warm group tent with a wood
stove/games/guitar/entertainment/etc., 24 hour fire, glamping canvas
tents (double occupancy), high end cots, sleeping bags/pads, outhouse,
shower area, hammocks, kayaks and fishing gear
- 3 gourmet meals a day cooked in an open fire
- Vital knowledge about: secluded wilderness locations, fishing and
harvesting tools & techniques, wilderness subsistence instructions &
techniques, kayak instructions and COMFORT & SAFETY in the
- Activities: guided kayaking, independent kayaking, subsistence
harvesting (berry picking, mushroom hunting, seaweed harvesting,
fishing, pulling crab & shrimp pots, clam digging), water collecting,
gathering firewood, hiking explorations
- Fire circle stories
- Evening music by María Cardona (Singer from Costa Rica)
- A VERY SPECIAL BONUS (SPA DAY in the wilderness)
- Wild Life Boat Tour with Captain Gary!! See bears, bald eagles,
ravens, whales, sea lions, sea otters and more with the best guide in
- Other great bonuses


- Air tickets 

- Meals in the Town of Sitka.




- Price: $2,800 per person; quoted for a total of 10 participants

- Airfare and meals in town are not included in price

- 50% deposit of total price required by May 25th, 2019: $1,400 per person (50% of deposit is non refundable - 25% of total amount)

- Activities are dependent on weather conditions

- No smoking allowed

- You are required to follow all safety guidelines that will be presented regarding ocean kayaking safety, and precautions about wild life

- Subsistence food - daily catch depends on participation of campers

- A questionnaire will be sent to understand if there are any food allergies or diet preferences (Gluten free, vegetarian, etc.) 

- All guests must be of sound physical condition in order to participate in Wild Immersion 

- A waiver must be signed in order to participate in the trip

- Any questions or concerns can be sent to [email protected]om or you can call (506) 8390-6777




Bradley Scott Farmer | Founder

Born and raised in a culture of self-reliance and wild-harvesting in Sitka, Alaska; Bradley Scott Farmer spent his youth alongside his father, fishing and exploring the bays and straits of Baranof Island in a 16-foot open skiff. It was then that he learned how to build shelters in the wilderness, and the art of subsistence. During the summer months he returns to his roots in Sitka, Alaska, where he continues to inhabit the Wilderness, building camps from which he hosts subsistence focused adventures alongside his wife, Costa Rican singer, entrepreneur and gourmet food enthusiast María Cardona Vaselli.

María Cardona Vaselli | Project Manager

Born and raised in Costa Rica by vivacious Italian mother and dashing Costa Rican father, María Cardona Vaselli is a passionate singer, entrepreneur and food enthusiast. She was born with a special musical gift which she has cherished and nourished throughout her life. In 2015 she met Bradley Scott Farmer and they soon began to co-create Wild Immersion; blending Brad’s wildness with María’s sophisticated touch. Now they are fused in this very dynamic, beautiful life adventure, where she also continues her path as a musical being.




“The place is magical, the nature is vibrant, and the food is like nowhere else. The forest is bright green and soft under your feet, and the water clear as a mirror. We went fishing on kayaks and ate what we caught, picked mushrooms and berries, and ate that as well, thanks to María’s delicious cooking!

The highlight of the trip was connecting with people, and myself, in a real way, with no distractions; connecting with nature in the best possible way.”

-Cyrille Aimée

"Wild Immersion completely deepened my connection to source like no other experience I have ever had! Brad’s connection to the land, his knowledge of the Alaskan wilderness blew my mind! If you’re ready for a life reset... This is the trip for you!”

- Stephen Brooks

Frequently Asked Questions

The weather gets around 60 - 75 F. It may rain; it is all part of the adventure. In case of inclement weather and high seas, we have a safe and elegant home base where we can hole up, tell stories, play games and listen to acoustic music around the camp fire.

Layered clothing: Thermal Underwear (silk or synthetic), Fleece or Wool recommended clothing, Sweatpants or jeans, Warm hat and socks, Jacket (Rain shell), Swimsuit (Yes! YOU can swim in Alaska!) 

Water bottle


Avoid cotton or down (when it gets wet it pulls the heat out of our body). The best clothing for this type of climate is wool, silk, synthetic and fleece (they have insulative qualities).

Do your best to pack light. We recommend you bring 3 changes of clothe for the wilderness.

Make sure to bring used and comfortable clothe that you don't mind getting dirty.

We have extra fleece, sweatpants, fleece vests and jackets that you can use in case you need extra clothing.

You will only be in town for one day. FYI the majority of the people here wear the same clothing they wear at the wilderness in town.

 You will have a chance to buy goodies before we embark towards the Wilderness.

Please make sure to bring seasickness medication in case you get seasick (we recommend dramamine).

The following list goes from the most likely to see to the least: Tide pool life (Sea Cucumbers, Sea Anemones, Sea Stars, etc.), Ravens, Bald Eagles, Salmon, Squirrels, Crabs, Sea Lions, Seals, Ducks, Sea Otters, Whales, Dolphins, Orcas, Dear, Bears

- What about bears?

Our camps are situated far away from where they habituate during the summer; they tend to avoid noisy encampments of humans as-well. We carry a fire arm at all times and all guests have access to airhorns and bear spray in case of an encounter.

Food gathering is dependent on seasons, tides, weather and the participation of the campers. We are prepared to create delicious and gourmet meals during our adventure, by stocking up with food from local markets before we set sail, and then supplement on site by collecting wild mushrooms, picking berries, digging clams, fishing for salmon, setting crab & shrimp pots and harvesting sea vegetables. The group’s participation is key to eating wilderness gourmet meals.

You can stay in camp with one of our hosts and enjoy the beauty of the wilderness.


Activities include but are not limited to: guided kayaking, independent kayaking, hiking explorations, swimming, subsistence harvesting (berry picking, mushroom hunting, seaweed harvesting, fishing, pulling crab & shrimp pots, clam digging), water collecting, gathering firewood, fire circle stories, live music, spa day, wild life boat tour, the main camp is filled with hammocks, games and books for relaxing. 

We keep the itinerary loose and open, do to weather factors, individual needs and learning curves.


We can arrange early transportation for an added fee.


All accommodations are double occupancy.



No. The activities are light enough for a person in good health to enjoy. 


The adventure can be as extreme as you want it to be. We base our trips from mirror calm bays, so that less adventurous and novice guests can explore close to camp with confidence and complete ease, while those more athletic and bold can venture out into open waters and distance. 


Extreme accident: We can arrange a coastguard helicopter rescue. 

Less extreme (ie: broken arm): We would take you to town in our boat straight to the hospital.

Minor accident: We would take care of you at camp with our extensive first aid kit.


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