I’m Mario a 12 year old boy who lives  in an intentional community in Costa Rica sharing spaces and values with people from 24 different countries. 

Here I have learned to understand  how people with different opinions, cultures can collaborate better  because of the difference of cultures, and expanded  imagination!  

I went to a non directive school in the jungle near to our community for 3 years and just moved to the city to attend a middle school with a personalized learning method, and loving it too! 

My passion is everything that has to do with standing on a moving board on top of all kinds of surfaces: water, snow, cement, sand. 

I love to surf, play guitar, make new friends and  discovering new places and people.


A mom who wants to share emotions, knowledge, experiences and joy with her teenage son. Discovering  together what else is possible while having fun and developing the next step in our relationship. 

My primary goal in Mario’s formation has been to encourage him to be independent, to be himself and have the tools to navigate in a changing world with security and imagination. 

I created WSH  based on the  methodology and principles  that I have shared with thousands of people through my 10 years of coaching men and woman..   

*The Contentment Codes ™

WSH gives  Mario and  all the kids,  dads and moms the opportunity to enjoy these “challenging” years of adolescence before they fly on their own, being  aware  of the great opportunities that emerge when we are together in a new environment with new friends, new conversations and open to a new visions of life and wisdom. 



Mario Cardona is a father of four kids and a filmmaker. His short and full feature films, documentaries, and commercials have impacted the diverse landscape of culture, communication and the arts.
Convinced that we live in a time of great spiritual, artistic and human transformation, Mario looks at present global and individual experience as an opportunity for growth and human evolution within every one of his projects.



  • Conscious leaders interested in supporting the new generations to become game changers, by helping them recognize what else is possible.
  • Game changers that already have a leading role in  creating the new paradigm on earth.
  • The raw nature of our planet earth. 
  • Conscious parents that want to see their kids happy and empowered while  empowering  others.

Bradley Scott Farmer | Founder Wild Inmersion

Born and raised in a culture of self-reliance and wild-harvesting in Sitka, Alaska; Bradley Scott Farmer spent his youth alongside his father, fishing and exploring the bays and straits of Baranof Island in a 16-foot open skiff. It was then that he learned how to build shelters in the wilderness, and the art of subsistence. During the summer months he returns to his roots in Sitka, Alaska, where he continues to inhabit the Wilderness, building camps from which he hosts subsistence focused adventures alongside his wife, Costa Rican singer, entrepreneur and gourmet food enthusiast María Cardona Vaselli.

Simón Rodríguez | Founder Alaya Camp

Director and Founder of Alaya Camp at La Montaña Azul. For 12 years this program provides tools to enhance the capacity of children and young people to live in deep joy and be a source of inspiration for others.
Master Resident of La Montaña Azul, Sifu Simón, has received ancestral knowledge of Chi Kung and Tai chi chuan from great masters in America and Asia, and has practiced the internal arts for 16 years.
Founder and Director of “Yo quiero ser” a regional network created to support private, public and social projects in their potential to awaken happiness in people.


Colt Bagnulo |

I live in the Green Mountains of Vermont where I spend much of time hiking, biking, and Nordic skiing.  Exploring the mountains and surrounding wilderness, and the adventures that follow, are one of my top sources of fun and learning.  My brothers and I are home schooled which allows me to have a nature-centric curriculum and ample time to play outdoors. I also enjoy playing the violin, reading, and playing a variety of different competitive sports. My favorite saying is “fun is good.”


John Bagnulo | 

My family and I live in the center of Vermont’s Green Mountains.  The mountains have always played a significant role in my life.  They have served as a classroom, a source of spiritual connectivity, and a training ground to develop both physical and mental fitness.  The experiences that I have had in different mountain ranges and with various indigenous mountain cultures have collectively shaped my perspective and approach to life.  Mountains encourage resilience, resourcefulness, and a level of self-sufficiency that lead to a sense of independence and freedom that spills over into all areas of life.  Although I have been fortunate enough to climb in most of the World’s largest mountain ranges, I learned long ago that the same lessons and benefits can be found on most mountains. 


  • Private sector (clean energy, health and wellness, online networking agencies)
  • Schools, home schooling & world schooling networks
  • Foundations
  • Governments 

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