For teens and parents 

Ages: 12 and older




The Adventure

Release the kids  from the fortnight  fever to help them discover their real capabilities  in a totally different environment



Survival night in a private reserve, food for endurance, bonding experiences


John, Colt and Simón will guide you and your soon/daughter to  have different conversations that lead to different paradigms full of new possibilities to bond and thrive with joy.  



Price per person

From $1.382usd to $1.516usd

See what’s included below

Ages: 12 and older

30 pax maximun! 

By application only!


Please fill the questionnaire and we will contact you back very soon.

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- 4 day trip to Alaya Camp in Costa Rica
- Survival Night in the Foothills of chirripó
- Lodging of all the nights at Alaya Camp
- Specialized guides
- Excellent nutrition and hydration designed for performance
- If necessary, first aid attention can be provided.
- Expenses of the activities mentioned on this page.



- Airplane tickets

- Airport taxes

- 13% tax (IVA) 

- Ground Group Transportation service: San José - Alaya Camp - San José. Price: $68usd per child $105usd per adult.

- Medical expenses in Costa Rica. (Participants are advised to obtain an extension of their private insurance to Costa Rica for the days of the trip)





- Airfare are not included in price

- Ground Group Transportation is not included in price

- No smoking allowed

- You are required to follow all safety guidelines that will be presented

- A questionnaire will be sent to understand if there are any food allergies or diet preferences (Gluten free, vegetarian, etc.)

- All guests must be in good physical condition in order to participate.

- Parents must have a 90 min training on line prior the trip (date to be announced) to get to know and apply the principles of world school hub during the experience.

- To separate your place you must do so by canceling 40% of the total value of your program. The remaining 60% can be canceled upon arrival at La Montaña Azul.

-Last day for subscribing: oct 15 

Cancelation Policies

A. If canceled 16 days or more before the starting date of the event:  There will be a charge of $300 us penalty.  The rest of the deposit  may  be applied to  any other course organized by La Montaña Azul within a period of one year from the start date of the event to which he had originally registered. In case the guest does not use his deposit in the following year, the money will enter the cash box of la Montana azul

B. If you cancel between 1 and 15 calendar days before the start date of the event: A penalty of 40% of the package reserved by the guest is charged. If in this period of time the cancellation was due to a fortuitous event or event of force majeure, the circumstance will be analyzed.

-Any questions or concerns can be sent to [email protected]





Colt Bagnulo 

I live in the Green Mountains of Vermont where I spend much of time hiking, biking, and Nordic skiing.  Exploring the mountains and surrounding wilderness, and the adventures that follow, are one of my top sources of fun and learning.  My brothers and I are home schooled which allows me to have a nature-centric curriculum and ample time to play outdoors. I also enjoy playing the violin, reading, and playing a variety of different competitive sports. My favorite saying is “fun is good.”

John Bagnulo

My family and I live in the center of Vermont’s Green Mountains.  The mountains have always played a significant role in my life.  They have served as a classroom, a source of spiritual connectivity, and a training ground to develop both physical and mental fitness.  The experiences that I have had in different mountain ranges and with various indigenous mountain cultures have collectively shaped my perspective and approach to life.  Mountains encourage resilience, resourcefulness, and a level of self-sufficiency that lead to a sense of independence and freedom that spills over into all areas of life.  Although I have been fortunate enough to climb in most of the World’s largest mountain ranges, I learned long ago that the same lessons and benefits can be found on most mountains.

Simón Rodríguez | Founder Alaya Camp

Director and Founder of Alaya Camp at La Montaña Azul. For 12 years this program provides tools to enhance the capacity of children and young people to live in deep joy and be a source of inspiration for others.
Master Resident of La Montaña Azul, Sifu Simón, has received ancestral knowledge of Chi Kung and Tai chi chuan from great masters in America and Asia, and has practiced the internal arts for 16 years.
Founder and Director of “Yo quiero ser” a regional network created to support private, public and social projects in their potential to awaken happiness in people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our location is located at 1,500 meters above sea level. The average day temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius (68° Fahrenheit) and at night it can drop to 14 degrees Celsius (57°Fahrenheit). Therefore we suggest you to bring warm clothing especially for the night.

These are our  luggage trecommendations for your stay:

  • Comfortable clothes for the realization of the different activities
    - 3 Lightweight long pants (if possible quick dry)
    - 1 Comfortable pants or sweatshirt 
    - 2 Sweaters or jackets
    10 T-shirts (some with long sleeves)
    - 2 shorts or shorts
    - 2 swimsuits
    - 10 pairs of socks
    - 8 sets of underwear
    - 2 warm pajamas
  • Footwear
    - 2 pairs of tennis shoes
    - 1 pair of sandals with moorings that can get wet or special river shoes
    - 1 pair of slippers or thick socks
  • Accessories for the development of activities
    - Water bottle for personal use
    - Small backpack for scans
    - Cap or hat
    - Flashlight (one per person)
    - Spare batteries
    - Waterproof jacket                    - Notebook and pen for annotations

Luggage list for campers

Personal use only
- Sleeping bag for cold weather
- 2 bath towels
- Bath case with:
- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Shampoo
- Soap
- Mosquito Repellent (optional)
- Sunscreen
- Plastic bags for dirty clothes, shoes and wet clothes

Alaya offers a delicious gourmet fusion menu, designed for health and enjoyment. If you suffer from allergies or requiere a special diet, thank you for telling us before arrival so that we can make special arrangements for this or in case of any difficulty, try to find a solution together. 


We can arrange early transportation for an added fee.


Accommodations can be single, double, triple or 4 sharing.

Parents and teens can sleep in different accommodations.



No. The activities are light enough for a person in good health to enjoy. 


The closest medical center or Hospital is located in San Isidro del General at 40 minutes by car. You must inform our manager about what type of health insurance you have in case of an emergency.

Extreme accident: We can arrange a helicopter rescue. 

Less extreme (ie: broken arm): We would take you to town in our boat straight to the hospital.

Minor accident: We would take care of you at camp with our extensive first aid kit.


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